Startups met Investors in Amsterdam

A new quarter and European Super Angels Club (ESAC) is on a new roadshow. Six carefully selected startups meeting potential investors, partners, as well as journalists and fellow entrepreneurs all over Europe. First stop was in Zurich, followed by Amsterdam. Even with heavy rain, some investors did not hesitate to come with a bicycle, the traditional Dutch means of transport.

ESAC startups from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland pitched on November 9 at the co-working space of our local partner NEXT Amsterdam. One day later they had to chance to present their businesses at the JCI World Congress. In total, our startups got in front of more than 200 stakeholders (such as investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs) from all over the world and gained a lot of positive feedback.

Pitching in Amsterdam.

Pitching in Amsterdam.

This time we have a focus on fintech as well as wearables (fashion), SaaS, and Big Data. These six startups are looking for a capital requirement of around 7 Million Euros. If one takes into account all the companies that we have currently listed, the total sum is even 18 Million Euros. Next stops are in Vienna, Munich, London, and Hong Kong.

Pitching Startups at the JCI Congress.

Pitching Startups at the JCI Congress.

So who are the startups?

  • Fintech in Real Estate. First, we have a real estate crowd investing and trading platform, providing equity investment that reduces the equity requirements of real estate developers by up to 66%. The platform also handles the administration of all tax and interest payments and is now raising a Pre-A-Round and will follow with a Series-A-Round.
  • Virtual Digital Assistant. Artificially intelligent butler that helps you find time for important things in your life. Multi-dimensional versus the currently popular one-dimensional schedulers where each individual must do their part, the app analyzes numerous data points to find the ultimate meeting time. Friends, B2B, B2C –you say what kind of appointment you want and the app does the work. They are raising a Seed-Round.
  • Fintech for Mobile Money Transfer. Simply transfer money to every mobile phone number. You don’t need the recipients IBAN nor TANs to confirm. Simply choose a recipient from your contacts, enter the amount and confirm the transaction with your PIN or Touch ID using your finger. You can send money to absolutely everyone. Even people who don’t have the app yet can receive money from you. Pre-A-Series.
  • Fintech for the Venture Industry. An independent SaaS platform for the venture scouting process that streamlines the application, pitching and data collection. Analysts, external experts, advisors, and principles can screen and rate startups with combined scoring to give a holistic overview of Startups. Startups benefit from reusing their data for new applications to all of the software’s clients such as investors, corporates in innovation scouting and event organizers. Pre-A-Series.
  • Wearables. The world’s first wearable jewelry connected to an app -a premium high-fashion & high-tech “tagoarc” bracelet with endless possibilities. With the” tagoarc” smartphone application, you can continuously change the displayed design on it to always match your mood and outfit. The first deliveries of a few hundred bracelets have been made and are now scaling up to mass-production. Major distributor partners are lined up with orders from the diamond industry, and smartphone distribution sector. Bridge-Round and following Series-A-Round.
  • Fintech for Virtual ATMs, a Supplier Relationship Management SaaS and a revolutionary DNA sequencing technology are also on our short list.The European Super Angels Club is actively searching new Super Angel members from across Europe (including Family Offices, Corporates, and Venture Capital).

Club members receive the best of 2.000+ screened startups to an investment decision. A greater vision of the innovation seen across Europe and access to a completed data room, valuation reports completed by KPMG and investment opinions completed by Venionaire Capital provide investors greater vision and reduced risk. To learn more about the club and our startups: please contact our Senior Advisor Chris Houghtaling.

Introducing six new startups for our second roadshow

In October, the second roadshow of the European Super Angels Club took off with the first stop in Zurich. Together with our local Swiss partner EURUS Forum, we invited representatives of Corporates, Family Offices, VCs and Business Angels to check out our carefully selected startups with well-prepared investment documents.

Startups from Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland

Six startups from four countries participate in our second roadshow. This time we have a strong focus on fintechs, but also have one startup from the fashion industry and another in the area of digital assistants participating. The startup are an German investing platform, a Swiss Fintech for virtual ATMs, a deal flow plaform for the venture industry, a mobile application that connects its users’ bank accounts with their phone numbers, allowing them to send money to anyone,  a fashiontech manufacturing e-ink powered fashion bracelets, and an artificial intelligence butler.

These companies are looking for a total capital requirement of around EUR 18 million with our members willing to fulfill their claim to be Super Angels and invest significantly more than before. Our first roadshow secured 3,5m for three startups, please read more about it here.


If you are an investor and want to find out more about these companies, please join one of our roadshow events. 

3,5 Million Euros for our Startups

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) has a first positive outlook: Three startups received 2,5 Million Euros through the pan-European network of investors after the first roadshow and another million finalized soon. The startups pitched their business to investors in Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, London and on a side event in New York City.


Firstbird secured itself 1 Million Euros and works with Swiss partners on another

Firstbird makes employees and friends of companies to digital talentscouts. The HR startup already secured EUR 1 million from existing investors and members of the European Super Angels Club. The Swiss investor network around Verve Capital Partners AG ( is just about to double the sum to 2 million euros, as you can see on their platform (around 98% of the round are already secured). “Firstbird has consistently convinced business angels, family offices and venture capital funds with their pitch as part of the investment roadshow, and has finally won new strong partners for their company. The willingness of the existing investors to invest again has created additional confidence and was received very positively. We are pleased that our partnership with shows what is possible when we work closely together in Europe”, said Berthold Baurek-Karlic, CEO of Venionaire Capital and board member of the European Super Angels Club.


Company chat provider Grape gets over 1 million euros

The Viennese startup Grape, specialized in effective and secure internal communication, was also able to convince existing investors and members of the European Super Angels Club. “Grape is experiencing a very gratifying growth with new major customers, such as Wiener Stadtwerke or APA, the Austrian Press Agency. Prominent inventors such as Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and the New York start-up studio Betaworks show that Grape’s successful way is also possible internationally”, says Michael Petritz, KPMG Partner, Business Angel, and board member of the European Super Angels Club.


Half a million euros for telephony chatbot

In June, members of the club already invested more than half a million euros in the smart business telephony Bot and another six-digit investment was just secured recently by another member. The company was able to secure a strategic partnership with the globally active IT system house NAVAX and will now push sales for a jointly developed software solution for Microsoft Enterprise customers. “Such collaborations are very important when it comes to opening up new markets and target groups. Smart assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa are developing fast, but business assistants for telephony are not yet available. This makes so interesting for investors”, says Andreas Tomek, partner at KPMG Austria and board member of the European Super Angels Club.

The club is now launching its second roadshow with stops in Zurich, Munich, London, Amsterdam, and Vienna. The club also offers startups an innovation trip to Hongkong, which will give exciting insights into the Chinese market. In this round, companies from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland are involved with a total capital requirement of around EUR 18 million – which means that the members want to fulfill their claim to be Super Angels and invest significantly more than before. Read more about the participating startups here.

Read the German press release here.

Digital Butler myAlfred wins European Super Angels Club Wildcard

picture from left: Berthold Baurek-Karlic (European Super Angels Club), Philipp Baldauf (myAlfred) and Chris Houghtaling (European Super Angels Club).


The pan-European investor network European Super Angels Club (ESAC) awarded a wildcard for the next ESAC Roadshow yesterday at the Bits & Pretzels Festival in Munich to the start-up of myAlfred from Linz.

myAlfred is an artificial intelligence that supports users in the coordination of leisure and family activities. In addition to Android and iOS, the application will soon be available for Amazon’s language assistant Alexa.

“MyAlfred is thus even closer to the real model of a butler and can coordinate appointments by means of voice commands,” explains Philipp Baldauf, founder and CEO of the company. “Artificial intelligence-based assistants are a tremendous growth market on which all leading tech companies are intensively focusing on. With myAlfred, we have built a technology-independent application and focused on the scheduling process in the first step. As a result, we were able to quickly launch our software and provide users with real added value”, continued Baldauf.


Roadshow through European hubs
Among the 100 start-ups that qualified for Bits & Pretzel’s startup pitch, the European Super Angels Club selected the winner of the wildcard. The award was presented by Berthold Baurek-Karlic and Chris Houghtaling from the European Super Angels Club, together with Frank Wiethoff, KPMG regional board member Ost and head of the KPMG StartUp Initiative “Smart Start” at Bits & Pretzel’s stand at KPMG.

The ESAC is an initiative launched by KPMG and Venionaire Capital Partners and provides club members access to high-quality and tested investment opportunities. In the focus are regularly happening roadshows through the European start-up hubs. In October, the club will be in Zurich, followed by stops in Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich, London and as a side event Hong Kong.

“In the rapidly growing European startup ecosystem, it is not always easy to keep the market overview. Investors are usually well informed about which companies are first-class in their own country. The challenge, however, is to know whether the same topic is better covered by a startup in the neighboring country. With the ESAC, we are bringing a new European perspective”, says Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Member of the Executive Board of the European Super Angels Club. The club, founded in January of this year, has already successfully completed its first investment with, a British-Austrian company.


Hungarian Fashiontech
L!BER8 Technologies from Hungary also qualified for the next roadshow. The startup convinced our team at a pitching event in Budapest organized by our local partner and venture fund OXO Labs together with KPMG Hungary. L!BER8 creates jewelry with digital elements by equipping its “Tago Arc” bracelets with E-ink technology. This allows the wearer to change the pattern of the bracelets according to mood and outfit. Even photos can be transferred by the app to the bracelet as a design.


[Read the German press release here]

Fashiontech Startup joins ESAC Roadshow

L!BER8 Technologies creates the next generation of jewelry. The Hungarian startup produces e-ink powered fashion bracelets, which can be customized by the user matching his mood and outfit. The board of the European Super Angels Club chose this company as one of five startups for the next pan-European roadshow.

We were convinced of their product after a pitching event at KPMG Hungary. The event was organized by our local partner OXO Labs, who invited six top-selected Hungarian startups to present their products.

Tago Arc - a new bracelet based on e-ink technology. ©L!BER8 Technology

Tago Arc – a new bracelet based on e-ink technology. ©L!BER8 Technology


Impressive Milestones

L!BER8 Technologies distinguished itself by having already successfully closed a funding round on Indiegogo. They received more than 100.000 US-Dollar from 517 backers, making it one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Hungary. In 2016, they won the “smart jewelry” category at the Innovation World Cup in Munich. From the very beginning, they reached out to fashion labels and had first touch points with leading brands such as Swarovski or Frey Wille.

Additionally, they already secured a significant amount from local investors for their next financing round and their books are full with pre-orders. From an investors point of view, a great asset is the huge potential aftermarket by selling exclusive new designs to existing bracelet owners. Furthermore, the founders have already some great additional product ideas in their pockets.

We are looking forward to working with L!BER Technologies by not only helping them in funding the mass production but also opening doors to new markets. Especially our roadshow side-event in Hongkong will be a big opportunity for them.


Pan-European Network

Last but not least we want to thank OXO Labs and Mr. Peter Kiess from KPMG Hungary for their support. The vision of the European Super Angels Club is to provide investors the best deals in Europe and giving them a better idea, who is really providing top-notch technology. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the market, which only well-established local partners – as for example OXO Labs in Hungary or NEXT.Amsterdam in the Netherlands – can provide.

If you interested in finding out more about L!BER8 Technologies, our investor’s network or how to become a local partner, please contact our Investor Relations Manager for more details.


We had a fantastic time in Budapest. Thanks to KPMG Hungary for the pictures (by László Sebestyén and hosting us.


“Angel on a Journey” – Interview with KPMG Magazine “Dimensionen”

The European Super Angels Club (ESAC) was featured in the recent issue of KPMGs magazine “Dimensionen”, together with ESAC sponsors PHH Rechtsanwälte and Semper Constantia Privatbank AG. It was a pleasure to talk about our pan-European investment approach.

Europe has a lot of potential with young, talented entrepreneurs and founders. However, when it comes to funding of new ideas, Europe tremendously lacks behind the US. The aim of ESAC as a pan-European investor platform is to enable cross-border co-investments. The club combines different resources and promotes international collaboration and communication. Together with the partner PHH Rechtsanwälte all legal questions and difficulties are clarified. The private bank Semper Constantia, which is run by entrepreneurs, is also one of the partners and shows great interest, as we can see by the example of YodelTalk Ltd. (EUR 500,000).

In the frame of a roadshow, the members get to know high-quality startups from all over Europe. The startups get active scouting and concrete investment proposals with lead investors. The roadshow is the core activity of the ESAC in the once selected quarter five selected hubs such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin and New York City. Everyone is looking forward to going even across the borders of Europe to Hong Kong in the third quarter.

Download the full interview:

Linking European Investors and Startups

The Business Angel Summit took place for the third time in Kitzbühel and also hosted the first annual general members meeting of the European Super Angels Club (ESAC). More than 100 private investors from more than 9 countries met to exchange ideas, improve business relations and screen startups selected by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws). Semper Constantia Privatbank, KPMG, PHH Rechtsanwälte, Venionaire Capital, and the European Super Angels Club were proud sponsors of the event.


Kitzbühel is the optimal hub for startups, especially to get to know investors from all over Europe and Asia. Nowhere else in Austria is the financial power of early-stage investors so concentrated than at the Business Angel Summit in Kitzbühel, says aws i2 Business Angels Program Manager Bernd Litzka.


Dr. Bernd Litzka


International partnerships

The Summit offered us the opportunity to announce two new international partnerships, which will significantly strengthen our pan-European network: The leading startup studio NEXT.Amsterdam became our new local partner for the Netherlands and the emerging accelerator and venture fund OXO Labs for Hungary. In return, ESAC and its partners from Venionaire are acting for both companies as local venture partners and experts in the Alpine Region. We are looking forward to working intensely with them and are happy to connect startups, corporates, media and other stakeholders with our friends.


from left: Maximilian Schausberger (Elevator Lab, Raiffeisen Bank International), Timan Rebel and Esther Gons (NEXT.Amsterdam), ESAC board members Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Alexander Rapatz, and Martin Steininger.


Summit 2016 enabled EUR 750k for

Kitzbühel is an event that goes far beyond simple networking. It’s all about business and investments. At last year’s Summit we met and not even one year later, we were able to announce a financing round for the startups of half a million Euro, following an angel round of EUR 250k by business angels and ESAC members. This was not a one-hit phenomenon – we are already working on the next investments and Kitzbühel was once again a great place to find co-investors.


ESAC board members with founders and friends.


We are pleased, that we found great partners for this year’s event in Semper Constantia Privatbank, PHH Rechtsanwälte, Raiffeisenbank International (Elevator Lab), KPMG, Venionaire and the European Super Angels Club, says Marcus Hofer, Deputy Managing Director of Standortagentur Tyrol and managing director of CAST, who organized the event together with aws.


Marcus Hofer (on the right side) with Berthold Baurek-Karlic


Last but not least we congratulate entrepreneur and investor Luigi Amati for taking the presidency of the Business Angel Europe (BAE) network and are very happy he joined us for the third year in a row at this event.


Pictures: © Oliver Allmooslechner

European Super Angels Club invests 500k in

With, an artificial intelligent-infused business telephony solution, the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) made its first investment. The European investor network organizes roadshows throughout international hubs with five selected startups. The first stations of the roadshow were Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and most recently Vienna, where the event took place at Semper Constantia Privatbank. During this roadshow, Co-Founder and CEO Mike Heininger convinced national and international investors to support the company not only with the financial injection of half a million Euro but also with further go-to-market strategies for Europe and the USA.


European Super Angels Club Event at Semper Constantia Privatbank in Vienna. © Tom Roschanek

European Super Angels Club Event at Semper Constantia Privatbank in Vienna. © Tom Roschanek


Strengthening strategic partnerships also secured a strategic partnership with NAVAX, which will push the distribution of a jointly developed software solution for Microsoft Enterprise customers. In March 2016, the Austrian startup successfully launched the first Slack-Bot for business telephony and since then developed good relations with Slack. Further integrations, for example with, are in the pipeline.

“Co-operations like these are essential to expanding further and open the gates towards new markets and target groups. We work in a massive innovative industry, which will have a major breakover in the near future. Smart and virtual assistants for your household like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa are huge right now, but there are none for the business sector. We already have a headstart in this sector and this is why we need to strengthen our technological advantage”, says Heininger. He and his team are currently establishing an office in San Francisco.

Already this March, completed a pre-seed round of 225,000 Euro in close collaboration with Venionaire Capital. Invested Business Angels included amongst others: Christian Coreth, Alexander Kleinszig, Michael Petritz, Johannes Strohmayer, Andreas Tomek and Tyrolean Business Angel GmbH.


The team convinced national and international Investors. © Yodel

The team convinced national and international Investors. © Yodel


Further ESAC investments

The current transaction was conducted by the European Super Angels Club’s board member Martin Steininger:

“We are impressed by the innovative power and management experience of the team. We are very proud, that we were able to complete this deal – from the signing of the term sheet to the payment – within six weeks. We would also like to thank all the consultants involved: KPMG, Venionaire Capital, RPCK Rechtsanwälte, as well as the supporting ESAC partners PHH Rechtsanwälte, Microsoft Austria and Semper Constantia Privatbank, who supported us during this journey. Now we can devote ourselves to the next planned investments.”


The success story started in Tyrol

Venionaire Capital and first met last year at the Business Angel Summit in Kitzbühel, organized by the Austrian Economic Service and the Tyrol Tourism Agency.

“Kitzbühel offers not only a unique atmosphere but is also geographically very well located. This certainly explains the great interest of international investors, including Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Bernd Litzka and his team from Austria Wirtschaftsservice presented excellent startups in a pleasant and intimate setting. We are looking forward to seeing which startups will be attending this year”, says Venionaire Managing Director Berthold Baurek-Karlic.

Kickoff for the European Super Angels Club in Vienna

About 100 guests, investors, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and managers joined the kickoff event of the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) at Semper Constantia Privatbank in Vienna. The aim of the club, initiated by partners of KPMG and Venionaire Capital, is the promotion of the European startup and investor landscape. Previous roadshow stops were Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. The next stops are London and Brussels, until all club members meet at the Business Angel Summit in Kitzbühel in summer. In September, the second round of startups will be given the opportunity to get to know the club’s network as part of a new roadshow. The European Super Angels Club is supported, among others, by the startup specialists of PHH Rechtsanwälte and Microsoft Österreich. This pan-European initiative promotes expertise, exchange of experience, and financial support for European talents. The focus is on startups in an already more advanced stage.


Finding the best startups in Europe 

At the heart of the ESAC are the recurring roadshows, in which five selected startups are presented at several European hubs to network partners, innovation-seeking groups and investors. As a special incentive, the club’s board of directors invites selected startups to “satellite events” – with the last one taking place in New York City.

Berthold Baurek-Karlic (left) with Firstbird Co-Founder Arnim Wahls.

Berthold Baurek-Karlic (left) with Firstbird Co-Founder Arnim Wahls.

Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Managing Partner of Venionaire Capital and President of the club: “In the course of the kickoff roadshow, we have already met over 400 investors and some 20 leading companies in Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York City and most recently in Vienna. The innovative pressure to work more actively with startups is more tangible than ever. But with the ‘startup hype’, the market has also become more confusing and the challenge is to find the best startups and to make them internationally successful. A pan-European network can help enormously in the expansion, but it is difficult for individuals to built it up – so we have taken on this task. We have to work more closely together in Europe and we must set up our own initiatives – acting as Europeans. ”


International Matching

from left: Harald Friedrich (Co-Owner, Member of the Executive Board at Semper Constantia Privatbank), Keynote-Speaker Bernd Litzka (Program Manager at aws i2 Business Angels Austria), Berthold Baurek-Karlic (President of the European Super Angels Clubs), Bernhard Ramsauer (Co-Owner, CEO of Semper Constantia Privatbank), Michael Petritz (Partner at KPMG, Board Member of the European Super Angels Clubs), Rainer Kaspar (Partner at PHH Rechtsanwälte).

from left: Harald Friedrich (Co-Owner, Member of the Executive Board at Semper Constantia Privatbank), Keynote-Speaker Bernd Litzka (Program Manager at aws i2 Business Angels Austria), Berthold Baurek-Karlic (President of the European Super Angels Clubs), Bernhard Ramsauer (Co-Owner, CEO of Semper Constantia Privatbank), Michael Petritz (Partner at KPMG, Board Member of the European Super Angels Clubs), Rainer Kaspar (Partner at PHH Rechtsanwälte).

PHH Rechtsanwälte“, a legal firm specialized in business law and commercial criminal law, is one of the first supporting founding partners of the European Super Angels Club. For Rainer Kaspar, a partner at PHH Rechtsanwälte, the international matching of startups and investors is crucial: “The European Super Angels Club has the potential to become the most important pan-European investor network. The creation of such institutionalized fundraising for startups will help to further accelerate this market and make many investors and startups happy. We are therefore very pleased that the Super Angels Club has chosen us as a legal partner and wish them all the best.”

“As a private bank lead by entrepreneurs, we are very pleased to cooperate with KPMG and Venionaire Capital in Austria as partners of this successful initiative. We are convinced, that this series of events provides an added value for our customers and optimally complements our range of services. The great interest in the kickoff event confirms our decision”, adds Dr. Bernhard Ramsauer, co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Semper Constantia Privatbank.

Michael Petritz, partner at KPMG Austria and member of the board of the European Super Angels Club: “At KPMG we are actively working together with startups and venture capital funds and with our expertise, we will be a profound service partner for the club.”

Timan Rebel, co-founder of NEXT Amsterdam: “The idea to bring Startup-Europe closer together has been driving us for years.  The European Super Angel Club is a cool project to foster cross-border investments and to strengthen networks.”

Thorben Schiborowski (in the middle), founder of Convent Energy GmbH in Germany, was awarded as "Certified Business Angel (CBA)" following the event.

Thorben Schiborowski (in the middle), founder of Convent Energy GmbH in Germany, was awarded as “Certified Business Angel (CBA)” following the event.